Explore the secret beach

Inspired by Goa, reflected by Mandarmani, preceded by Digha, impacted by Puri, we at Sea-estta Inn Restaurant, welcome nature into the city of Kolkata.

We believe that hospitality is a key ingredient in creating a memorable dining experience for our guests, but not without nature. A sea beach can give our guest the best ever seafood dining experience. We at Sea estta Inn restaurant provide all the freshest and unique ideas that is reflected on our menus, services and atmosphere.

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Not liked the Taste? Do not pay

Eating is not the only way we interact with our guest. We belive we become one of them and help them creating memory. Come and experience the most exotic and the best restaurant in Kolkata and enjoy lot of activities.

Last but not the least and most importantly we serve the most delicious food in the city. FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD. DO NOT PAY IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE TASTE. YES. You heard this right.

We serve real hot, fresh food within 15 minutes of order. Else it will be free.