Joe's Story

A story of seven seas - A story of a foodie guy, who is sea-food lover.

It was one fine morning. Joe was looking at the blue sea from his hut, situated just on the sea beach beside the church. Mild sea breeze was caressing his hair and he again that day, fell into love with the deep blue sea. He was feeling the same fresh air, the same mystic sun on the beach after long time and was thinking on how to share the same joy with many people around with his specialities.

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What does Joe want?

It was a time when Joe was stuck into the jungle of concrete in the downtown and was missing this sea every day. He went to some of the best seafood restaurants to have some fresh seafood and oriental food that he was fond of, but unfortunately he found the essence to have nowhere. All the restaurants serve so called seafood or coastal food, but, he asked himself a question.

That day Joe realised having glamourous restaurant, the best ambience and the best 5 star service does not guarranty the best food. Then how come one of best Seafood is available in an unknown sea beach shack of Goa. This is about Sea. This is about Beach. This is also about the Best Seafood.

We & Joe - The Service

To serve Thousands of Joe, Interactive HR Spot Private Limited brings in a Secret Sea Beach at the heart of city of joy, Kolkata. After having 20 long years of experience in man management, human psychology, human resource management and customer behaviour analysis HR Spot now starts its new venture into Joe’s world.

HR Spot is now promising, to serve the authentic seafood and oriental food, right on the beach, right in Kolkata. If you are one of The Joe, come here, feel the water, feel the sand, feel the groovy music of the wave and enjoy the best authentic seafood in Kolkata and create memory with us, for life time.

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